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Due to the current Covid-19 situation, our studio is currently running a temporary schedule for both online and in-studio lessons. Please visit for booking all in-studio lessons.

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Our regular schedule will resume when the pandemic is under control, thank you for your understanding!

Fine Art Advanced for 8 - 15 Years Old

At Kidoodles ​we offer a variety of art lessons for kids 8 - 15 years old, such as Anime and Manga, Sketching, Acrylic Painting and also general Drawing and Painting Advanced classes. 


Anime, Sketching, and Acrylics are 1 to 1.5 hour class, where the first half an hour is demonstration and information, and the rest of the hour is for the kid to work on their drawing project. For the Drawing and Painting Adv however, there will not be a demonstration, instead students usually follow a step by step lesson with their instructor or work on their own project.

Acrylic Painting

In this class, kids will be focusing on colour theory, relation between warm and cool colour, and how to mix and blend acrylic paint. Their work will be mainly scenery painting and colour studies.


In this class, kids will be learning the relation between light and shadow, how to shade with pencil using all sorts of techniques such as cross hatching and blending. Their work will be mainly still life and geometry sketches.

 Registration is avaliable online, in store or over the phone ( 604-620-7350 ). If you have any questions, feel free to call us, we would love to resolve your questions! 

Our Classes are all tax deductible

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Drawing & Painting Adv.

This is a general art class where the student gets to experience a variety of different art medium. There will not be much theory taught, instead teachers usually do a step by step drawing as a class. Sometimes the teacher will give out a reference picture for the student to work on on their own while they go around one by one to point out their mistake and show them how to fix the mistake.

Anime & Manga

In this class, kids will be focusing on learning how to express feeling with emotions, how to pose and design their own manga character. Their work will be mainly Japanese style anime character sketches.




Student Artworks (see more photos in our web gallery)