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This is a booking page for our regular fine art classes ON-SITE (NOT ONLINE). Please read the following studio policy before booking any of our classes!

❤ All customers entering the studio MUST wear a face mask!


❤ All customers entering the studio MUST have their hand sanitized!


❤ Please cancel the class if you or your child shows any sign of sickness ( any symptoms including cold, allergies alike!)


❤ Please give us a call cancellation if you are not going to make it. There is limited resources and spots for our class, please give other kids a chance! Thank you!


Booking Schedule | 报名列表

  • In-studio NOT online! Please only book 1 class per type per week!

    Saturday, Sunday

    45 min

    22 Canadian dollars
  • In-studio NOT online! Please only book 1 class per type per week!

    Wed, Sat, Sun

    1 hr

    25 Canadian dollars

FAQ 常见问题

What safty measures are taken to secure the safty of our children? 疫情期间店内会采取什么样的安全措施?

1. We ask all of our customers entering the studio to sanitize their hands and wear a surgical mask. 2. We have limited the maximum number of student in each class to ensure we practice social distancing as much as we can. 3. We will also ensure there is a 15 minutes break in between all classes where we can sanitize all the art materials used by the previous students. Maximum sanitary measurment will be taken to ensure the safty and health of our employees and customers. However, it may be necessary for our instructors to have contact with your child in order to provide help. If you are concerned, please register our online classes instead at: https://www.kidoodles.org/onlineclasses 1. 我们要求所有的客人和员工在店内佩戴口罩,并进行手部消毒。 2. 我们将减少各个班级的人数上限以尽可能的确保健康社交距离。 3. 所有课程之间都有至少15分钟的间隔,并且我们会对所有用过的艺术用品进行消毒。 画室将每天都进行最大程度的消毒以保证大家的安全环境,但是我们也希望家长可以理解,由于老师们会需要对学生提供面对面的帮助和辅导,所以将无法避免一些必要的接触。如果您对此有所担心或介意,我们建议您考虑网上课程。

Can I use my VIP or in-store credits for classes booked online? 我可以使用店内的VIP或其他的Credits吗?

Yes, you may use your VIP and/or in-store credit for the on-site classes that you book online. We will not charge you anything for booking a class, we will deduct your VIP as usual when you show up on class date. 可以。您之前在店内购买的VIP套餐或者其他形式的Credits都可以用于此次网上注册的线下课程。您在注册的时候我们不会收取任何费用,上课费用会在上课当天扣除。前台的服务人员可以为您提供更具体的服务和咨询。

How do I cancel a booked class? 如何取消已经预定的课程?

You may cancel the booked class by e-mailing us at contactus@kidoodles.org 24 hours prior to the class date. 您可以通过邮件的方式在课程开始前的24小时以上取消课程,我们的邮箱是contactus@kidoodles.org 。

How long does this special time-table last before returning to the normal schedule? 现有的临时课表将持续多长时间?

We are unsure of the exact time period that this schedule may last; however, we will continue to monitor this situation closely and will provide ongoing updates. A regular time table will be provided once everything returns to normal. 我们还不确定现有临时课表的应用时长,但是我们会紧密关注疫情的变化和政策的变化。如果需要的话,我们也会在现有的课时基础上进行增添。我们会在恢复正常课表的第一时间通知各位家长。

What is your current business hours? 画室现在的营业时间是什么?

The reception desk will be open on Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm; Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. However you may reach us any time through our e-mail: contactus@kidoodles.org. 目前画室前台的营业时间为星期三和星期五的下午3点至下午7点,以及星期日的上午11点至下午5点。您也可以过邮件的方式在任何时间与我们取得联系,我们会尽快回复您。我们的邮箱是:contactus@kidoodles.org.

Can I drop-in a class without booking online? 这些实体课程可以在不预约的情况下直接参加吗?

Sorry, we do not take any drop-in customers who did not book through our online booking. This is to ensure the health and safty of our customers and staff, that we are not exceeding the maximum number of student per class. Thank you for your understanding! 我们很抱歉的回答您,不可以。由于目前疫情的不稳定性,我们只提供预约制的课程。您必须通过网上预约的方式参加这些课程。如果您在预约的过程中出现任何问题或者遇到技术困难,可以通过邮件方式告知我们,我们会在后台尽可能的帮您安排上课时间。感谢您的理解。

How do I contact the studio when the studio is not in business hour? 在画室的非营业时间,我要怎么和你们取得联系?

You can choose to e-mail us at: contactus@kidoodles.org or to call us and leave a message at: 604-620-7350. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 您可以给我们写邮件至contactus@kidoodles.org 或者致电604-620-7350留下语音留言。我们将会尽快与您取得联系并提供帮助。

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