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online fine art classes


Welcome to the online class register page. Please read the list below and make sure you have these supplies before you apply for our online classes!

Hardware setup [准备设备]:

Software setup [准备软件]:

Supply setup [准备画材]:

Materials required for each class type are different, please read the description section of each class to find out what to prepare for your class!


How to Join the class [怎样进入直播间]:

Please click the "Start Zoom Meeting" link provided in the email to join the conferrence room ( Please click "Open Zoom"as shown in the picture below). If this is your first time, please try to open this link before the class starts, and if you cannot open the app with the link please contact us at and we will provide you with the room ID ASAP.


​点击确认邮件里的"Start Zoom Meeting"字样进入直播间,点开链接后请点击"Open Zoom"系统会自动打开ZOOM软件。如果这是您第一次用,请您在上课前测试是否可以成功打开,如若打不卡请E-MAIL我们,我们会给你发送房间ID!谢谢合作!







Please note that although we can not and do not limit on how many kids behind the screen watching and following along the class tutorial. However, our instructor will only be providing feedback and help to the one child that is right infront of the camera. If you like to have both of your child to get the same quality instruction and help, please register for both of them. Thank you!



Mixed Media

( Age 6-8 )

5:00 - 6:00 pm


Creative Drawing ( Age 6-8 )

1:00 - 2:15 pm

Digital Washi Tape-06.png