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Welcome to the online class register page. Please read the list below and make sure you have these supplies before you apply for our online classes!

Hardware setup [准备设备]:

Software setup [准备软件]:

Supply setup [准备画材]:

Materials required for each class type are different, please read the description section of each class to find out what to prepare for your class!


How to Join the class [怎样进入直播间]:

Please click the "Start Zoom Meeting" link provided in the email to join the conferrence room ( Please click "Open Zoom"as shown in the picture below). If this is your first time, please try to open this link before the class starts, and if you cannot open the app with the link please contact us at and we will provide you with the room ID ASAP.


​点击确认邮件里的"Start Zoom Meeting"字样进入直播间,点开链接后请点击"Open Zoom"系统会自动打开ZOOM软件。如果这是您第一次用,请您在上课前测试是否可以成功打开,如若打不卡请E-MAIL我们,我们会给你发送房间ID!谢谢合作!







Please note that although we can not and do not limit on how many kids behind the screen watching and following along the class tutorial. However, our instructor will only be providing feedback and help to the one child that is right infront of the camera. If you like to have both of your child to get the same quality instruction and help, please register for both of them. Thank you!

Note: "Creative drawing" class is an online-only drawing class where only dry art mediums are required. However, the "Drawing and Painting Int Online" class is an online class that took place with our regular intermediate class in the studio, both on-site and online students will take the class at the same time, and this class may require students to have painting mediums.

Booking schedule | 报名列表

FAQ 常见问题

How do I cancel a booked class? 如何取消已经预定的课程?

You may cancel the booked class by e-mailing us at 24 hours prior to the class date. 您可以通过邮件的方式在课程开始前的24小时以上取消课程,我们的邮箱是 。

What is your current business hours? 画室现在的营业时间是什么?

The reception desk will be open on Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm; Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. However you may reach us any time through our e-mail: 目前画室前台的营业时间为星期三和星期五的下午3点至下午7点,以及星期日的上午11点至下午5点。您也可以过邮件的方式在任何时间与我们取得联系,我们会尽快回复您。我们的邮箱是

How do I contact the studio when the studio is not in business hour? 在画室的非营业时间,我要怎么和你们取得联系?

We are sorry for the inconvenience that our business hour is affected by the COVID situation. However, our customer service is available everyday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. You can reach us by calling at 604-620-7350; emailing us at; online customer chat on our website; WeChat us @kidoodlesart. We will get back to you as soon as we can! 很抱歉疫情期间我们的营业时间给您带来了不便。虽然店面某一些时间并不开门但是客服仍然在工作的,我们客服的营业时间是每天的早11点到晚7点。您可以通过拨打604-620-7350;电子邮件;网页上的在线客服;或添加我们的微信kidoodlesart跟我们进行联系和留言,我们一定会尽快回复您的!

Is the Studio reopen for physical classes? 画室现在开放实体课了吗?

Yes. Majority of our normal classes are available for physical classes in the Studio. The maximum capacity for each class is reduced to 5-6 students.

Can I use my VIP package for online classes? 我是否可以使用VIP卡报线上课?

Yes! However, discount is not appliable to online classes. When you are booking online class on our website, please select “Book a session - $15.75”; fill in the information page; on the check-out page, please select “pay in person”. Our staff will go over your file to deduct the tuition. We will contact you if your balance is running low.
可以的!但是VIP卡的折扣只限于实体课哦!您在网页内报名的时候,选择“Book a session - $15.75”; 填写您的信息;在付款页面请选择“pay in person”就好了哦!这样我们的客服就会在您上课之后从您的卡中扣取学费,并在您余额不足的时候通知您。

My VIP package/classes/in-store credit is expiring, what should I do? 我的VIP卡/礼品卡要过期了怎么办?

All the packages/classes/in-store credits’ expirations have been extended for 6 months automatically. If your packages are still expired after the extension, they will be exchanged into normal in-store credits without the discount. In other words, your credits are still valid for any of our services. However, your VIP discount will expire! 由于疫情对营业的影响,我们自动为所有现有的VIP卡的过期时间延续了6个月。如果您的卡在延期后仍然过期了的话我们会自动把卡里的余额转换成礼品卡。换句话说,就是您的钱仍然在,只不过用这笔钱的时候不在享有VIP折扣而已哦!

How come I cannot register online/on-site class on your website? 为什么我无法在线报名线上/实体课了?

Firstly, all our registrations open ONLY 7 days prior the scheduled class time. For example, if you want to book next Friday 4:00 pm Draw and Paint class, you must wait until this Friday 4:00pm.
Secondly, all of registrations will close 24 hours prior the scheduled class time. For example, if you want to book this Friday 4:00 pm Draw and Paint class, the latest registration time will be this Thursday at 3:59 pm.
Lastly, we automatically reserve seats for students who are in the class already. So, if your registration time meet the above-mentioned requirements, but you still cannot register, that means that class is already full.
If you still having trouble booking a class, the easiest way will be contacting us. Our customer service is available everyday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. We are more than happy to help you!

Can I book and pay online classes online? 我可不可以在网上付款线上课?

Yes! Our website has online booking and paying option. You may pay by credit/debit card, Alipay, Paypal, or call us/visit us to pay in person.

Is there a discount if I purchase more online classes? 如果我报名多次线上课是否会有折扣?

Yes, we have a pricing plan of $40+GST, which includes 4 classes. The backstage will deduct the class automatically every time you book a lesson. However, keep in mind, this pricing plan only has 2 months validation. Once it is expired, there is nothing we can do to revoke or recover the unused classes.

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